Zubenko Anna Sergeevna

Anna is Co-chair of the Public Association “Civil Union”.
Anna plans to develop mechanisms for the formation of zero tolerance for corruption.
The topic of the research project: “Mechanisms for the development of intolerance to corruption in society”. The aim of the research project is to develop effective recommendations for the development of an environment of intolerance to corruption in society, based on the ideas and expectations of the citizens of the country. The study will help to find ” entry points” – what exactly needs to be influenced in order to develop effective zero tolerance mechanisms. The results of the study will help to identify which factors in the perception of corruption have decisive importance. “The fight against corruption in Kyrgyzstan is like a “battle with a windmill” – there are a lot of efforts, but there is no result. This problem in Kyrgyzstan has not yet been sufficiently studied, and therefore it seems invincible. But I am sure that the graduates of the program with the help of their research will be able to make a significant contribution to its solution” – says Anna.