“Prevention of corruption through education and awareness raising”

The project was implemented with the support of the Open Society Institute.
The goal of the project was to form a critical mass of youth / students who are intolerant of corruption and to actively engage them in combating corruption in the country.
The key idea of ​​the project was to inculcate intolerance to corruption among young people, to give knowledge and skills to counteract corruption manifestations both at the university and in various spheres of social life, as well as their active involvement in the process of combating corruption.
For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, the First Youth Anti-Corruption Camp was organized and held, where students from 16 universities of the country took part.
The project made it possible to disseminate knowledge and skills in combating corruption at the university and in various spheres of social life, to further disseminate the knowledge and skills they have acquired among their fellow students and in the community through the camp participants, understanding the root causes of corruption and mechanisms for ensuring transparency, good governance.
Thanks to the project, our team got an excellent opportunity to motivate young leaders to be active advocates of open and responsible government. In addition, we were able to motivate camp participants to become active participants in anti-corruption initiatives not only in our universities, but also in other universities.
The project has created a network of student activists who raise issues of corruption and develop mechanisms to combat corruption in education. The project also contributed to strengthening the voice of young people in decision-making processes against corruption, the exchange of positive anti-corruption practices, and the development of new plans with the active involvement of young people.

Our project as a whole and the student initiatives formed through the project were highly appreciated and approved by the Minister of Education and Science Kanybek Isakov, who expressed his readiness to support anti-corruption initiatives and projects to promote academic integrity.

Thanks to the project, the Institute was able to involve, inform and educate student youth on issues such as honesty, transparency and effective government administration, as well as initiate discussion on various platforms of the consequences of corruption and the existing tolerance for corruption in society.