Mini-project “Corruption and Racketeering among Youth”


A civil activist from Naryn (name withheld for the safety of the author), together with investigative journalists from Media Hub, implemented the project “Corruption and Racketeering among Youth”.
Youth crime remains a big problem in Kyrgyzstan. Racketeering exists in schools, colleges and universities, creating the conditions for the spread of crime and the demoralization of society. Due to the high corruption of law enforcement agencies, the victims of racketeering, young people do not find protection for themselves.
Within the framework of the project, more than 100 students from schools and vocational schools in the city of Naryn were interviewed. Absolutely every interviewee was subjected to beatings, intimidation, money and personal belongings were taken from them, and young girls were subjected to sexual harassment. Many students and high school students do not want to live in Naryn, they are scared, a walk in the city can end in the loss of personal belongings, beatings, rape.
The series “Akyrky sabak” is not a work of art, it is the reality of the youth environment of Naryn.
This initiative was implemented with the support of the Central Asian Institute for Research on Corruption and Money Laundering and with the financial support of the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.