Lectures on transparency of public procurement


As part of the project “Strengthening the Network for the Prevention of Corruption,” training of future experts in the field of monitoring budget transparency and public procurement continues. Public procurement monitoring training plays a key role in ensuring efficiency, transparency and integrity of procurement processes.
A block of classes is currently being conducted on the topic “Transparency of public procurement” and the lecturer is Satybekov Bakyt, an expert with many years of experience in the field of public procurement. The trainer shares his experience and knowledge, helping to improve the professional competence of students.
During the course, students deepen their knowledge in the field of public procurement by studying the theoretical aspects of the processes of monitoring, opening and selection of the winner, as well as managing conflicts of interest.
Participants share their practical skills and experience in the field of public procurement, enriching the training with the exchange of practices and solutions.
Through the analysis of practical cases, students gain skills in applying theoretical knowledge in practice, which contributes to a deeper mastery of the material.