Investment to government as a form of corruption in Kyrgyzstan. Dr.Johan Engvall.


Many experts and politicians were able to research, analyze and give suggestions on  anti-corruption measures in Kyrgyzstan, but the Swedish political scientist-researcher has his own approach to this theme. Dr. Johan Engvall came to Kyrgyzstan in 2005 to study the Kyrgyz and international experience of anti-corruption strategies, comparing Sweden, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.

Dr. Engvall is a research fellow at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) and a senior research fellow at the Central Asian Caucasus Institute and the Joint Center for the Silk Road Research Program. He is the author of the book “The State as an Investment Market: Kyrgyzstan in a Comparative Perspective”, published by the Pittsburgh Press.

According to Dr. Johan, corruption in Kyrgyzstan has its own well-established approach and its own “systematized” appearance. Having arrived in Kyrgyzstan with the traditional “Western” view of corruption, Johan realized that the situation in Kyrgyzstan is quite different, and the state is an ” investment market”, where the state position is an investment object that will bring unofficial income.

In the course of his lecture, Dr. Engvall detailed the key tools for reducing corruption: the reform of the judicial system and its independence, the introduction of a system of meritocracy in the state service, business development, and the most importantly, the development of the education system.

 We sincerely thank Dr. Johan Engvall for a meaningful and interesting lecture.

The academic anti-corruption certified program is implemented in cooperation with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.The project is funded by the Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan.