Anti-money laundering. Investigation of corruption crimes. Bringing legal entities to criminal responsibility.

The module was developed in accordance with the curriculum for students of the one-year academic anti-corruption certified program and is an integral part of the training of certified specialists in anti-corruption policy. The course is based on the author’s experience in conducting lectures and seminars on the relevant discipline, a special course, training sessions to improve the skills of existing law enforcement officers, as well as on personal operational experience. The peculiarities of the approach in the presentation of the material lies, first of all, in an attempt to overcome the key drawback of modern practice of law enforcement of certain approaches in the field of combating corruption, detecting and investigating corruption crimes, in organizing measures to counter money laundering, when the main efforts of law enforcement agencies are mainly aimed at combating minor, “everyday” and episodic manifestations of corruption, which do not pose a particular social danger and complexity in the investigation compared to “top”, “business” and multi-episode criminal corruption (money laundering).