The role of civil society institutions in anti-corruption measures. Aigul Akmatzhanova-The Head of Transparency International – Kyrgyzstan.


Why do all the countries of the world want to fight against corruption? Why more than half of the world’s countries fail and only a small number succeed. The participants of the Program discussed these and other topical issues on corruption with our guest lecturer Aigul Akmatzhanova, head of Transparency International-Kyrgyzstan.

Transparency International is a global, independent organization dedicated to study and combat the corruption, both internationally and nationally, with one of its goals being to achieve greater transparency and accountability of the authorities.

Aigul Akmatzhanova spoke about their  work: research, training, information and educational work.

Transparency International-Kyrgyzstan recently conducted an assessment of the national anti-corruption system of the Kyrgyz Republic, which clearly indicates that a strong and working legislative framework is needed to effectively combat corruption, which unfortunately, in our country, does not meet international standards, which negates all efforts to implement standards of transparency, accountability and integrity mechanisms for all government institutions.

We express our deep gratitude to Aigul Akmatzhanova for the informative and interesting lecture.

The academic anti-corruption certified program is implemented in cooperation with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.The project is funded by the Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan.