Corruption Perception Index 2023 – Kyrgyzstan’s position worsened


In 2023, the Kyrgyz Republic worsened its position in the Corruption Perceptions Index (TI), ranking 141st with a score of 26, while in 2022 it ranked 140th with 27 points.

The Kyrgyz Republic was rated as having high levels of corruption, improved its position in 2020, but subsequently worsened its position over the past three years. This may be due to various factors, such as lack of resources, insufficient political will or insufficient effectiveness of anti-corruption measures.

As stated on Transparency International’s official page, in just four years, Kyrgyzstan has transformed from a bastion of democracy with an active civil society to a consolidated authoritarian regime that uses its justice system to persecute government critics. This contributes to increased levels of corruption, as evidenced by the country’s index declining by five points since 2020.

The Corruption Perceptions Index shows that Kyrgyzstan continues to experience problems with corruption, which could affect the country’s economic development and the level of public trust in the government.