Our organization hosted two interns from Arizona State University


The Central Asia Research Institute on Corruption and Money Laundering hosted two Arizona State University students as part of the World Innovator Program, which includes a comprehensive set of leadership development, education and training programs.Miles McAnulty is a student at Arizona State University. His interests include political communications and political psychology.Emma Strouse is a Chinese major and cross-sector leadership minor at Arizona State University. She plans to work in the U.S. government or intelligence community, which includes 17 government agencies tasked with gathering information and conducting intelligence activities for the U.S.During internship, Miles and Emma learned about countering corruption in Kyrgyzstan, led the Institute in developing ways to expand the organization’s communications strategy, took part in coaching participants at Camp Democracy (IFES Kyrgyzstan), and contributed to media materials about the Institute.Also, Miles and Emma met with Natalya Nikitenko, a deputy of 6th Parliament, with whom our interns gained new insights into leadership and its role in a transitional society.Our Institute strengthens cooperation with international partners in training highly qualified specialists in the field of anti-corruption. We wish Miles and Emma luck in achieving success in this field and hope that the new generation of experts will make every effort to prevent corruption.