Guest lecture with Oleksandr Salizhenko from the Ukrainian Chesno Movement


Can you imagine a platform that would contain information about every person who has ever participated in the country’s politics, and based on that data, independently identify who the corrupt, bribe-taker or chameleon is? It’s hard to answer, right? But the Ukrainian movement “Chesno” managed to implement the project “PolitHub”. Oleksandr Salizhenko (Олександр Салiженко) gave information about this and other achievements of the “Chesno” movement. Our guest lecturer presented the mechanisms of combating political corruption in the electoral system of Ukraine and how they counteract corruption in the parliament. The experience of our partners in the fight against corruption is invaluable. We express sincere gratitude to Oleksandr Salizhenko for informative and interesting lecture, as well as to ACREC for organizing and conducting the meeting.