Anti-money laundering. Investigation of corruption crimes. Bringing legal entities to criminal responsibility.


The 4th module of our Academic anti-corruption certified educational program has been successfully completed. As part of the last lesson, trainer Sayakbayev Tilek told the audience about the peculiarities of bringing legal entities to justice, which is a very interesting topic a priori, but given the expert presentation of the material, there were many questions that were an indicator of interest from the listeners. This topic, even today, has many controversial and still unresolved issues, such as “where is the line in the responsibility of a legal entity between trafficking in persons and activities to assist citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic in employment abroad?” There were many similar moments, which provides a platform for future analytical and research work. In the second part of this lesson, trainer Atay Almaz Uulu shared information about the latest high-profile cases of money laundering in the world and the latest methods and means of money laundering through the use of the Blockchain system, which seems to be one of the most pressing issues in the field of countering corruption, money laundering and, most importantly, countering the financing of terrorism. The trainer demonstrated the schemes for using the Blockchain system for money laundering, spoke about the problems and successes in countering this crime, revealed the basic concepts in this industry. As a result of this lesson, the students received a lot of new knowledge and the most important thing is an understanding of the essence and problems of modern electronic systems related to cash flows. #Soros FoundationKyrgyzstan #Government Academy