Seminar on preparation for the start of the Academic Anti-Corruption Education Program.


On September 2, 2020, at the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, a seminar was held with the participation of program experts, at which discussions of the educational modules of the program were held.

At the seminar for experts of the academic anti-corruption certified program, a presentation of the program was held, full information was given about the recruitment for training, about the composition of the students. There was also a presentation of each module of the program.
Further, the following issues were considered and discussed:

  • individual assignments for students by modules
  • discussion of Program modules
  • recommendations and questions on the content of the Program
  • approval of the Program schedule

For individual assignments for trainees in modules, the participants of the seminar expressed an opinion on the need for synergy between trainees in order to increase the effectiveness of training.
For the modules of the program, there were recommendations for the content and format of the training. An opinion was expressed about the importance of group work and work performed independently by the trainees. The seminar participants unanimously agreed on the importance of conducting quality lessons with a practical bias.
According to the schedule of the program, the participants of the seminar decided that the classical format of the schedule would be more acceptable and efficient. The possibility of changing the proposed schedule, in which the modules were arranged in the next order, was discussed. As a result, it was unanimously decided that the modules should be conducted in a mixed mode in order to more effectively conduct the training course.
Also, as a result of the seminar, a group was created in whatsapp and in google drive in order to increase the efficiency of mutual cooperation and coordination.