Project “The Role of Youth in the Development of Academic Integrity in Universities”

Project implemented by Aziz Salymbaev and Temirlan Suyunbayev, students of the Bishkek Humanitarian University. The goal of their project was to provide training for students and develop an action plan for the creation of an interuniversity student council for academic integrity.

To participate in this event, students had to take part in the competition and submit an application.

As a result of the selection, students from 5 universities took part in the trainings that took place on October 26 and 29, 2019.

The result of the work of the trainings was the development of the Draft Regulation on the Interuniversity Student Council on Academic Integrity and the formation of an action plan for the creation of the Council.

At the round table on December 4, 2019, the Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic Kanybek Isakov, having learned about the idea of ​​creating an Interuniversity Council on Academic Integrity, warmly supported it and said that he was ready to support and discuss joint actions to introduce anti-corruption student initiatives in the country’s higher education system.