Tanat Osmonkulov

Tanat Osmonkulov – expert, trainer-consultant on local self-government and civic participation in projects of international organizations, incl. International Development Association/World Bank, KFW, Government of Switzerland (SDC), H. Seidel Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, UNICEF and GIZ/German Society for International Cooperation, etc.
Author\co-author of educational materials\articles in the field of local self-government (LSG), incl. joint planning of the activities of LSG bodies, civic participation, development of investment projects, monitoring and evaluation of local self-government: practical manuals – “Participation of citizens in local self-government in the Kyrgyz Republic”, “Planning joint actions of the local community and LSG bodies”, “Public events as forms of participation of citizens in local self-government”, Journal “Municipality”, Manual for LSG bodies “100 questions and answers”, “I am a deputy of the aiyl kenesh”
As part of the training in the Academic Anti-Corruption Certified Program, he conducted a study on the topic “Mechanisms for reducing corruption risks in the organization and provision of public transport services in rural areas”.
The study was conducted in order to take measures to reduce the risks of corruption, reduce complaints and complaints from the population and other participants in the process and improve the quality of the service provided. Based on the results of the study, it is planned to provide technical assistance to the authorized state body, the formation and dissemination of information materials on the public transport service in rural areas, the actualization of the service sector, using the example of this service, to authorities at various levels, in order to prevent corruption.