Oksana Nesterenko

Oksana Nesterenko is the executive director of the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center (ACREC), a well-known research center in Ukraine, the project manager for the protection of whistleblowers of the Ukrainian League of Anti-Corruption Lawyers, and a member of the Anti-Corruption Group of the Reanimation Reform Package. Dr. Nesterenko participated in the drafting of the Law on Access to Public Information and in the implementation of many projects aimed at increasing the transparency of the Ukrainian government, the rule of law and democratic development in Ukraine. In addition, she is a co-author of the draft law “On the protection of whistleblowers and the disclosure of information about harm and threat to the public interest.” The speaker presented the topic “Access to public information: the example of Ukraine”.
Guest lecture topic: “Access to public information: the example of Ukraine”