Bermet Baryktabasova

Bermet Baryktabasova – Candidate of Medical Sciences, independent expert on standardization issues health care and evidence-based medicine, chairman of the trade union “Medical Trade Union of Kyrgyzstan”, works to identify and eliminate corruption risks in medicine. Topic of the research project: “Factors affecting the (in)efficiency anti-corruption measures in the healthcare sector of Kyrgyzstan”. The aim of the research project is to study the causes, conditions and factors, due to the impact of which, according to the medical community, anti-corruption measures in health care sector in Kyrgyzstan remain ineffective. results research will help to identify which factors are decisive for prevention and fight against corruption in the healthcare system. As a result, will be given recommendations useful for evaluating the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures authorities and civil society in the health sector, grounds for legislative and institutional changes in anti-corruption policy, formation of a new attitude towards the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures in healthcare. The recommendations will allow to focus the attention of government agencies and civil control, what exactly needs to be influenced in order to strengthen the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures in healthcare. “Health-related corruption is currently multifaceted and multi-billion dollar phenomenon that threatens the entire world health. Sector healthcare is characterized by unique risk factors and inherent complexities particularly prone to corruption, including information asymmetries, large number of participants and mix of public and private sectors in systems health care, market uncertainty and large public spending. Medical corruption becomes especially dangerous in comparison with other forms corruption in traditional sectors of the economy, as it represents a “double burden” of material and moral losses, endangers the health of patients and population, carries a threat of moral decline and degradation of the medical environment. That’s why, professionals should not be silent or do nothing,” Bermet Baryktabasova is convinced. Bermet Baryktabasova is convinced.